Home of the Arkansas Rice Festival


City of Weiner Community Profile
City of Weiner is located on US Hwy 49. The City of Weiner is comprised of 1.374 square miles. At 246 feet, City of Weiner is ideal for rice farming and rice production.

City of Weiner drew its name from a railway depot station built by the St. Louis and Southwestern Railroad. The station was named after a St. Louis railroad official.

Arkansas Rice Festival
This historic event was founded to promote the consumption of Arkansas rice and to celebrate Arkansas’s status as the number-one rice producing state in the nation. The festival is held during the second weekend of October, proudly hosted right here in Weiner. The event features a rice cook-off and tasting of over 400 different recipes, crafts, games, carnival rides, and stages with live music and entertainment. A parade featuring rice-related floats, horseback riders, antique cars, and beauty queens also winds through the streets of Weiner. The festival has also been home to many contests such as photography, art, arm wrestling, rice eating, duck calling, lip sync, and a “wiener dog” race. Many exhibits demonstrating the rice-farming techniques of the past and other rice related topics can also been seen. If you are between the ages of 12 and 21, you are eligible for the Teen Miss/Miss Arkansas Rice Festival Pageant. The Pageant is held on the main stage. For more information on all Festival details and activities, visit their website HERE.

Duck Hunting
Weiner is well known for duck hunting, due to its optimal conditions and locations for the sport. In 1956, Wallace Claypool’s private duck-hunting preserve was featured on the national TV program “Wide ,Wide, World.” Today, you can enjoy a hunting trip with one of our hunting resorts such as Three Rivers Duck Club, and Whispering Oaks Hunting Club that offer guided tours and more!

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